Revision of Color Studies

For my project, I’m advertising WREK radio. A lively college radio station based out of Georgia Tech.  Below are a few sketches and an idea board.

What describes WREK:


-college radio

-music you don’t hear on the radio





Phrases to use for advertising

-Music you don’t hear on the Radio

-Lively College Radio

-Music to Annoy your neighbors with

-Ramblin’ Radio

-College Radio comes to Life

Ideas for Print

-Yellow->Red Ombre: Brings attention

-Yellow/Green “lively” sketch, almost natural, living things, plants?

-Red to Yellow Ombre: Brings attention

Ideas for Campaign

-Stop animation: fun, campy, can be aligned with music easily

-smooth animation with “growing plants”: natural, coming to life

-Pop-Up book animation: fun, young, literally coming to life.

Another color scheme I plan on using is an analogous from yellow to green. With the “college radio comes to life” pitch, I have the red to yellow and yellow to red to represent fire (liveliness, fervor, etc.) and the yellow to green to represent Earth (living things, growth, budding, blossoming). Here is one example that I would use for the green to yellow color pallete.

The main issue with the yellow to green is to find a duller yellow so that the words are still legible, but it shouldn’t be an issue with color, adding some grey or a darker yellow would fix it.

The third concept that I wanted to maybe use is water. Water is the perfect idea to use in terms of movement, like the radio airwaves. So here is the color palette I plan on using.Although this color palette seems bright, I would dull the colors slightly to make them not as unpleasant on the eyes. With the idea on water, I wanted to use the shore as my location of interest. Making the stop motion look like the letters WREK are being written in the sand as the tide washes in.

In terms of motion (literally coming to life) I decided to use stop motion to represent the creativity that the radio station has as well as give it a homey and inviting feel that not a lot of other radio stations exude. Below is an example of the type of animation that I plan on making. The cross dissolve transition at the end is just to show the two different color palettes.

Stop Motion example

The story this advertising is supposed to tell is that WREK, Georgia Tech’s college radio station really brings music to life unlike other stations. And unlike most mainstream stations, WREK plays music that isn’t very well-known, so it brings lesser known music to life. With that I used the concepts of the natural elements of earth and fire. Fire being fervent, lively and passionate, like the DJs at WREK, and earth being the place of creation and the foundation of the growth of living things.


Color Palettes:






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