Final Presentation

To go a little more in depth with my final products, below are my print ads (all for billboards) with their corresponding color palettes.

Air Color Palette

Fire Color Palette

Water Color Palette

Earth Color Palette

The color palettes used are taken by the natural elements focused upon, like the sand on the shore or the flowers in a field. The  textures found in each ad emphasize the different textures found in nature, like the contours of the fire and clouds. The two forms I focused on are movement and balance. So I created a consistency in the print ads with the same font (Helvetica) and the same location (Upper Right Hand Corner). The Colors for each were found in the color palettes above (as shown). The other form is movement, and the best way to show movement is through a commercial. The idea is to not only show the movement of growth and the movement of life, but a movement through the history of radio itself. Using stopmotion animation through final cut as well using photos through time I made a beginning video crescendo to lead into the animation.

Things Will Never Be The Same 

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