Advertising Pitch/Designs

WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM is a college radio station that houses young, powerful minds that have a passion for music. The station’s goal is to bring music that isn’t considered mainstream onto the airwaves for its time to shine and come alive. Which is why I chose these  different phrases:

-College Radio Comes to Life

-Lively College Radio

-Coming Alive

With the idea of “Coming to life” I decided to pair the original logo of WREK with natural elements. These natural elements include fire, air and water. There was an attempt at earth through a digital sketch, but the words got lost very easily.


Fire shows life in movement, so my use of color is paired with the idea of movement:


I used a beach because I was inspired by the movement of the tide. The idea is to have the WREK logo show the illusion of “being washed up” onto the shore. The main issue I had was making it so that the text isn’t lost. So right now, I have it in blue.


Air cannot be seen but it moves, so this one was especially challenging. The colors for this one are especially monochromatic, but with different filters I could make this more of an analagous color palette.

along with these print ads (to be edited further), I would like to create a stop motion animation that shows being brought to life more. The rough sketches found beforehand will be used more and the ideas found in the print ads will be added as well.

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