Independent Project Research/Ideas

For my independent project, I chose to create an advertising campaign for WREK 91.1 FM. Since the majority of their print ads are in black and white with maybe a little bit of color, I wanted to see what kind of impression a color ad would have on people listening to the radio station. Below are a couple of examples of their print logos.

The image above is an example of their standard logo. It’s a black and white image that shows a form of balance and consitency throughout the composition. My idea is to keep the balance, but add a little more life. Looking at this logo with no knowledge of the radio station and taking out the FM 91.1, one wouldn’t find this to be of any importance. I want people to immediately think music and a lively station when they see WREK. By doing that, I want to make an animation of this logo, or work with a different logo from WREK to create some form of animation. A different example is below:

The image above shows more of the logo shown previously, but more variety in font and composition. This image, however, doesn’t have the balance and clarity that the first image has because of the technical execution and dimensions. In truth, I want to take these two still images and put them together to make one print ad campaign that has the use of turntables (which makes people think immediately of music). In terms of inspiration for animation, I looked towards the different posters WREK radio had for their festival “WREKtacular”

In the normal print ad, there’s obviously movement in the image with the splatter in the center of the composition. Maybe making some sort of spontaneous animation that incorporates the energy that the radio station has along with the balance that is seen in the print logos and ads would create a great advertising campaign for WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM.


Color Palette: Analogous (to an extent), Reds and Oranges to show passion, liveliness and energy

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