Texture Assignment Sketches (Warning: Extremely Rough)

Movie Title: Full Moon in Paris

Textures to be used: Metal in Eiffel Tower, Moon Texture

Gonna work with the relationship between circular and linear texture and create some form of balance.

Inspiration: Romare Bearden.

The pictures above are just ideas, and I’m still in the process of creating my final project that I plan to present on Tuesday, November 8th.


After this IDesign assignment we did in class, I decided to trash my above sketches and use a different idea. Since we have to use sillouhettes as a part of our assignment. I decided to use the freeze frame below from my film of focus, Full Moon in Paris as my main inspiration.

The plan is to use the woman (Louise, the main character) as my silouhette and create a coexistance of the eiffel tower’s texture and moon texture within it. Also, I plan to use a minimal amount of text.

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