Adventure at the High

For this past tuesday, our assignment was to go to the High Museum of Art and write a reaction essay of 2 artists and compare/contrast in terms of form and texture. The two artists I’m writing about are Jackson Pollock and Romare Bearden.

Jackson Pollock “White Light”

Romare Bearden “Patchwork Quilt”

The two different pieces by each artist I’m focusing on are Jackson Pollock’s “White Light” and Romare Bearden’s “Patchwork Quilt.” Both pieces are simple in terms of execution, but the forms are different. Bearden has more of an environmental form using only a couple of forms of mixed media to create a whole composition. Those uses of mixed media add to the use of texture in Bearden’s composition. The different patches at the top of the composition compared to the patchwork at the bottom of the composition make the entire work a realistic view of a woman on a sofa, where the texture creates a patchwork quilt (hence the name). Unlike Bearden, Jackson Pollock uses more of a uniform form of texture throughout the entire composition. In “White Light” the entire composition has the same types of strokes almost in a balanced form. However, since there is a lot of different strokes and colors, one doesn’t really see the balance in the texture that Pollock has in this composition. The main difference in terms of texture between Bearden and Pollock is that Bearden uses texture to create a realistic setting, like a woman on a sofa, whereas Pollock uses texture to show some form of organization in his expressionist composition.

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