Sydney Opera House, Catharsis and Iconography

By definition, catharsis means  “to purge” or “to cleanse.”  For this project, my group (Casey Smith, Matt Rubin and I) are doing a catharsis project relating to Australian icon, the Sydney Opera House.

 The Sydney Opera House is the icon of Sydney, Australia. The deconstruction of this wonder would be similar to that of the explosion of the hospital in The Dark Knight. The different angles of the building bring opportunities for purging the sail-like parts of the building.

Along with the sail-like awnings, the glass windows leave plenty of opportunity to bring in different reflections of light within the catharsis. Since catharsis means “to cleanse” through deconstruction, showing lighting through different value techniques would give the piece a sense of purity within the chaos of catharsis.


Supplies we could use (realistic):


Egg Cartons

Saran Wrap

Electrical Tape


Supplies we could use (to make it more abstract)

Heavy board


Duct tape (multi colored)

Pins (sewing pins)




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