Line Abstract: Phase 1/Phase 2

It was hard to steer away from my hometown for this project. It was also hard to 1) draw straight lines fast enough to go see Wicked tonight and 2) find how to take off the little icons on Google Earth (which ended up not happening)

The photo is the Streeterville/New EastSide of downtown Chicago. Right about where I live. I loved this one because it not only shows the lines of buildings, but it’s not on a true grid like most big cities, which leaves room for imagination and leaves room for people like me who have trouble with straight lines (I still use a ruler).

As a result, my phase one (drawn in pencil, to be outlined in pen) has come out to a rough trace of the buildings, the expressway and part of the marina in the upper right corner. Note: The line abstract is going to be finished upside down from the original picture. I liked the photo upside down more than I did right side up.

Due to things beyond my control( charcoal going everywhere/ we weren’t supposed to use charcoal), I redid phase 1 (note: it’s not a great photo)

My plan was to focus on the land during the first layer and then focus on the water/shadows in the second layer. Seen below

There are still a few smears from pencil and such, but this is so far my finished product. It would be interesting to see if anyone could figure out the time that I found this picture on Google Earth…

Unfortunately the final product above got damaged, so I had to trash my duralar layer, but it’s ok because I now have a new and improved final product!

I focused more on movement by using different line directions, but I wanted to make the viewer question whether or not this piece is balanced.

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