Cubism and Disney

My team’s exquisite corpse revolved around the theme of disney. The first drawing had the 3 of us show our interpretation of disney.

In an exquisite corpse, a group of 3 or more people create some sort of interpretation of a theme on their separate section of the paper. Mine was the bottom section, where I took Alice in Wonderland, Pinnochio and the Little Mermaid all in one section. The other disney themes in the entire corpse include Mickey Mouse and Tarzan.

My individual corpse had to take our drawing and relay a specific theme. My theme was cubism.

Cubism is a form of art that can be easily recognized when one looks at several works by Pablo Picasso. My main method was to emphasize the idea of Collage Cubism, the more common of the two types of Cubism (Analytic and Collage). With that, I tried to keep all of the parts of the corpse angular. The drawing had curves and writing, and since the  majority of cubist works by Picasso are more angular, I focused on more squares and triangles. The next step of my cubism corpse was to digitize the collage and take out the color and add gradient.

Inspired by the gradient in Juan Gris’s Portrait of Picasso, I added gradient to the background of the picture. I also took out the color because although there are several collage cubist works that are in color, there are also a great amount that are neutral. I took out the color to keep things consistent in the piece. I did have trouble with the line prominence for the picture in the foreground. After I uploaded this picture, I used charcoal to emphasize the lines a little bit more. It made those lines more prominent than the pen tool’s work.

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